solidDB 6

solidDB 6 is a relational database that delivers exceptionally fast transaction speeds and always-on data access. It is affordable to buy, develop on, and own.

solidDB 6 is a relational database designed for fast, always-on access to data under high throughput conditions, to satisfy the real-time demands of communications platforms and applications. It includes both in-memory and on-disk engines, accessed by a single SQL interface. solidDB 6 can be configured using a hot-standby architecture to achieve six 9's data availability (99.9999%) with no single point of failure. This two-node architecture can also be used for load-balancing, increasing throughput by up to 100%. solidDB 6 offers significantly lower license fees and total cost of ownership than other leading databases, as well as a "zero admin" capability. solidDB 6 deploys as a compact 3MB executable while delivering complete functionality that is:

solidDB 6 combines multi-threaded in-memory and on-disk database engines, together with a cost-based optimizer, to achieve high throughput and rapid, predictable response times. Unlike traditional disk-oriented databases, the in-memory engine of solidDB 6 uses advanced techniques that treat memory as the primary storage, while efficiently using disk to ensure durability. The in-memory engine delivers performance that disk-oriented databases can't match, even when data is fully cached. This is an essential capability for new 64-bit, multi-core servers that contain massive memory banks, at attractive prices, and are up to 1,000,000 times faster than disk. The unique dual-engine approach of solidDB 6 optimizes price performance and makes storage choices transparent to the programmer.

solidDB 6 is architected to exploit the seismic shift toward 64-bit, multiprocessor/multi-core systems, enabling applications to fully capitalize on their power and benefits. With a highly multi-threaded implementation and an advanced, cost-based optimizer, solidDB 6 leverages the parallelism inherent in these systems. In benchmarks, solidDB 6 has shown linear scalability from 2 to 16 cores (1 to 8 dual-core processors).

solidDB 6 can boost performance even further by transparently load-balancing queries across primary and standby servers. Combined with a new, highly efficient driver protocol, this can yield up to a 100% performance improvement. Hot-standby configurations can also benefit from optimized logging; the primary can shift to efficient asynchronous logging while still protecting against failures. With adaptive durability, solidDB 6 automatically shifts back to synchronous logging if a failure occurs.

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