Using advanced static code analysis and reverse engineering techniques, Structure101 is the first of our new range of products that builds on over 5 years experience with our award-winning Headway Review product.

Structure101 is lightning fast, massively scalable and amazingly easy to use. It lets you quickly understand and measure the structure (architecture, design, composition, dependencies, ...) of your code-base. It introduces Headway's latest innovation for viewing and making sense of huge dependency graphs - auto-partitioning. Where other reverse-engineering tools show you a big mess as... a big mess, Structure101 helps you by organizing large graphs into tangles and natural clusters so that you can start to understand them.

Structure101 shows you the dependencies at and between any levels of your code - jars, packages, classes, methods - and lets you discover all the code-level references that cause them. It also shows you how excessive structural complexity is distributed across your code-base and identifies and prioritizes items that exceed user-defined complexity thresholds.

Just seeing and knowing the actual structure of your code-base as it is, right now, makes Structure101 a valuable asset in the development of high-quality, maintainable, and extensible software.

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