Sun Solaris[tm] 9 Operating Environment

The Solaris 9 Operating Environment redefines the operating system to a services platform by combining traditional OS functionality, application services, and identity management. The Solaris 9 OE delivers the security, manageability and performance that IT professionals need to increase service levels and decrease costs and risks; it's the rock-solid foundation for solutions based on the Sun[tm] ONE software architecture. Customers can take full advantage of UltraSPARC processor-based systems, from smaller departmental servers to massive SunPlex[tm] clusters with hundreds of CPUs. Designed for multiprocessing and 64-bit computing, Solaris software scales to handle heavy traffic, huge data sets, and compute-intensive problems. Now you can use the Solaris[tm] 8 or 9 Operating Environment at home or at work -- without paying a license fee. For only the cost of media plus shipping or download related costs, you can use the software on single processor computers supplied to you by Sun or its authorized distributors or based on the Intel architecture.

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