Signum Chameleon-51

Chameleon-51 is a source level debugger for the 80C51 family of microcontrollers. The Chameleon-51 debugger provides an excellent user interface to an embedded project at all stages in the development process, regardless of the target system. It interfaces with Signum Systemsí USP-series In-Circuit Emulators (ICEs), RISM-compatible evaluation boards, embedded monitors and CPU simulators. The software supports networked connections to ICEs, evaluation boards and embedded monitors using Signum Systems IceServer software. Chameleon-51 can also act as a telnet server allowing users across the network to join a debugging session using standard telnet client terminals. Chameleon-51 is also compatible with Signum Systems Viperô Virtual Interface Panel Environment, which supports rapid prototyping and custom debug interface construction.

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