RMV Electronics ITC232-A Simulator

The ITC232-A is an integrated circuit containing a general purpose serial/parallel interface, as well as, a number of embedded functions which find applications in data acquisition and control systems. It provides easy access, from a terminal or computer serial port (via RS-232C), to 32 input/output lines arranged in 5 ports which can be read or written with extremely simple ASCII commands (complex communication protocols are not required.) This allows control from within a custom written program as well as from any commercial communication software package (terminal for Windows , Procomm, Telix, MAC240, etc). The possibility of sending commands to the ITC232-A from any terminal program is very convenient for system debugging before writing a custom program .The IC is hardware platform independent; it will work with any terminal or computer with an RS-232 serial port. The link requires 3 wires and operates at any standard speed between 300 and 115200 Bauds. The only external components required by the ITC232-A are a voltage driver to handle the RS-232 voltages and a 3.6864 MHz crystal. In addition to serial/parallel/serial interfacing, the ITC232-A displays several other functions.

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