PCB Artist software is a free, easy-to-use and intuitive printed circuit board layout software. PCB Artist includes schematic symbol, footprint and part creation wizards to streamline the PCB design process and reduce component creation time to as little as five minutes. In addition, customers can draw from an extensive library of components.

PCB Artist is a user friendly, fully integrated, schematics capture and PCB layout tool. PCB Artist has been specially developed to require no formal training or in-depth experience with PCB layout tools.

PCB Artist Highlights

PCB Artist runs under the Windows operating systems but Windows XP is recommended. Windows 95 or earlier, Linux and MAC OS are not currently supported. A Pentium processor faster than 1Ghz and with at least 256Mb of RAM is recommended. PCB Artist does not require particularly 'high-powered' hardware to achieve good performance, a regular off-the-shelf PC is sufficient. A complete product installation requires at least 100Mb of hard drive space. A wheel mouse is recommended.

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