PSoC Express

PSoC Express is a high-level embedded system design tool that automatically generates a complete application ready to program into a PSoC(R) device. PSoC Express provides proven software driver components that allow your design to read from an external device, be written to by an external device, or be read from by an external device. Inter-device communications is currently supported using the industry standard I2C(TM) protocol, but these capabilities will be extended to other protocols in the future.

PSoC Express version 3.0 adds new technologies that enable user-friendly runtime data collection and, on certain Express Drivers(TM), includes real-time tuning of the driver's functionality via a communications link to a PC. Currently, only CapSense and EZ-Color(TM) drivers support real-time tuning, but any driver's operation can be viewed real-time in the new Monitor view. Version 3.0 also includes major changes in the GUI and seamlessly incorporates the ability to add and edit custom source code files within the application.

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