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JProfiler enables Java developers to tune up the performance of their Java programs. It combines in a single tool the capabilities for detailed examination of VM load and applications’ work, for memory usage, and CPU loading.

JProfiler is an ideal choice for profiling of embedded devices and target boards, due to the highly optimized architecture and low memory consumption of the agent profiling component. JProfiler allows for both local and remote profiling. It can be used as a stand-alone tool or within the Eclipse environment.

The examination of the runtime behavior with JProfiler can be very helpful for software optimization. In a user-friendly manner, JProfiler visualizes detailed information of the profiled applications. It shows the method calls and object instantiations, byte size, and useful source code links for each object created by a method. The memory view and the CPU view are thread-based -they show the corresponding information in a tree for every thread running in the profiled JVM.

JProfiler enables the profiling of the developed applications on a wide range of JVMs: JDK 1.2 and higher, IBM J9 2.0 and 2.2, Esmertec Jbed and Sun CVM. The following target OSs are supported: Windows, Linux (desktop and embedded variants), Symbian, QNX, VxWorks.

The profiler agent has very low memory consumption (less than 1 MB), which is very important while profiling devices with limited memory resources. Profiled applications do not increase their memory consumption as it does happen with other profiler agents.

JProfiler enables:

Supported Versions of Eclipse:

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