Prosa 2004 UML Mobile Developer

Prosa Mobile Developer tool environment has been targeted for mobile developers using C++ and Java 2 technologies. Prosa Mobile Developer supports Nokia Series 60 platform. Prosa MD offers seamless integration with Metrowerks CodeWarrior workbench, Microsoft Visual Studio workbench and Java 2 Microedition (J2ME) workbenches like Sun Java2 ME Wireless Toolkit. Prosa MD starts directly through the user interface of the workbench used. Information exchange between Prosa and workbench occurs in real-time.

UML models automatically from application frameworks
Usually a new project starts from an existing framework (stationary) or by running the application wizard of the workbench used. This phase produces the base classes for the selected technology. Reverse Engineering tool of Prosa MD creates automatically UML class diagram from these base classes.

Code and model driven programming
Both code and model driven approaches are fully supported in developing application objects. If the designer creates new classes in the workbench with C++, Prosa MD adds new classes immediately to the class diagram of the project. If the designer adds classes to the class diagram, the new C++ classes will appear automatically also in the workbench. Changes can be made through codes and models - real-time sychronization maintains the consistency. The designer can use the whole expression power of the UML standard. So e.g. in the beginning of the project object identification can be made systematically by using use cases and sequence diagrams.

Methods by coding or by modeling
The functionality of the classes can be described either by writing the methods directly with C++ or Java languages or by describing the behaviour of the classes with UML statechart or activity diagrams. Using UML is useful especially when the complexity of the classes increases and when the classes have critical dynamic or synhronization properties. Prosa MD produces automatically executable C++ and Java method codes from statechart and activity diagrams. Automatically generated code is compact, clear and fast to execute.

UML simulator animates the application behaviour
Prosa MD offers an unique tool for UML simulation. When the application executes in the emulator of the workbench used, UML simulator shows graphically in real-time the progress of the execution in UML statechart and activity diagrams. Breakpoints can be set in states and at the same time variable values can be examined through the workbench. Visual simulation fastens essentially testing and helps to detect errors effectively in the earliest possible phase.

Document production in real-time
Prosa Mobile Developer offers an excellent interface to word processing tools and to web-documents. UML models can be integrated with documents and web-pages through living links. When models change, the documents and web-publication will update automatically. Prosa MD supports both OLE-automation and graphic file based linking.

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