Prosa UML 2004 Reverse Engineering Edition

Prosare reverse engineering tool transforms existing C++, C# and Java class headers to UML class diagrams and maintains the synchronization of these documents in real-time. Reverse engineering accelerates starting of a new project in a situation, where the new project is based directly on existing software.

Visual UML classes from C++ headers
Prosare integrates directly with Prosa UML modeler. Prosare processes either all C++, C# and Java headers of a project or only user specified headers. The members of the classes will be mapped to UML class attributes, attribute types and visibilities. The member functions of the classes will be mapped to UML class operations, operation parameters, parameter types and return types. Prosare produces complete UML diagrams or UML library classes.

Visual associations
Prosare produces automatically the associations and generalizations between UML classes. If desired you may switch automatic association generation off.

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