Prosa UML 2004 Modeller Edition

Understand the market requirements. Create the long-lasting architecture. Develop maintainable functionality. Secure the compatibility to future technologies. Prosa 2004 UML modeler has been carefully thought to assist the software designer to achieve these goals.

Prosa 2004 visualizes the development work. Visual models show the entirety all the time and make the projects easier to manage. Visualization clarifies the communication in the team and between the team members and other interest groups.

Prosa 2004 modeler the expression power of visualization
The strategic importance of the software has continuously increased in the business. Markets and users require more and more features and functionality with lower prices. Due to the extreme dynamics of business the success is decided by fast and just on time penetration into the market with carefully thought product repertoire. The products have to be renewed in much faster tempo than before. In multidimensional culture the way and method of communication will make sure that the message is understood and absorbed.

Understanding the software requirements, architecture and functionality, and making the design choices and decisions understood and communicated are crucial success factors. There are more interest groups and they are more heterogeneous. The clarity and power of the expression and communication come up the decisive factors. Will the software development team have the best available means and tools?

UML, Unified Modeling Language, an internationally standard visual modeling language has been developed to address the above challenge. UML is an agreed notation for fast and accurate documentation of ideas and design choices. UML is a common language, which helps in communication of those ideas and choices to desired quarters. Visual UML means superior expression power, understanding and communication speed. When the software has been modeled, it has also been accurately documented.

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