ParaSoft SOAPtest

SOAPtest is an automated inter-module testing application for Enterprise Systems that can emulate both the SOAP client and SOAP server. This allows for early module testing of applications that can help you focus on error prevention rather than trouble shooting and debugging late in the game. SOAPtest can emulate clients to verify web services prior to deployment; and working as the SOAP server, it can emulate critical services that are not available or cannot be accessed during testing. For example, if you have a system that performs credit card processing, SOAPtest can emulate the live system. This eliminates the need to disrupt ongoing business transactions. SOAPtest's server responses to client requests are returned in multiple layers. Errors may crop up in the HTTP header, the SOAP envelope, or the response content. SOAPtest not only makes you aware of invalid responses, but also can drill down to the specific layer responsible for the infraction.

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