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Using EclipseUML Studio Edition will allow your company to win in today's highly competitive marketplace, build software fast and efficiently - while minimizing risk, reducing complexity and optimizing resources. Giving Partners, Project Managers, Lead Technologists, Architects, Practitioners access to the same tool for the entire project life cycle and having a tight integration of Eclipse and EclipseUML tools, allows you to rapidly and efficiently create, deploy and maintain higher quality applications at a lower cost. EclipseUML Studio Edition offers full support for UML diagrams, team work, data J2ee modeling and dynamic collaboration to any other plugins, a feature that means you will not have to purchase additional non-integrated tools. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive set of tools that allows all members of your organization, both technical and non-technical, to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively to create the systems the business demands.

EclipseUML Studio is an advanced modeling IDE including over 30 different technologies. EclipseUML is composed of five products:

  1. EclipseUML Free Edition is an advanced free modeling tool and the only free worldwide solution to have mastered the following:
  2. EclipseUML Enterprise Edition is a commercial tool and the only worldwide solution to have mastered the following from byte-code:
  3. Eclipse Database is a commercial database management solution.
  4. Eclipse J2ee is a commercial J2ee development tool.
  5. UML2 for Architects is a MDA solution based on XMI 2.0 (coming soon)

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