Mindego Analyzer

Mindego develops software tools to help technical professionals work with international media standards more productively and knowledgeably. Mindego’s Analyzer line is a commercial software application designed with these goals in mind, providing discovery, analysis and measurement capabilities for stored MPEG-4 media data.

The Mindego Analyzer gives media professionals the ability to analyze and explore data files coded to the MPEG-4 (ISO/IEC 14996) specification and related industry interoperability guidelines, such as ISMA and 3GPP, that incorporate elements of the standard. The software operates on the Windows platform. Its purpose is to provide fast, yet comprehensive insight into the structure, contents and coding of MPEG-4 files and bitstreams.

The Analyzer 4500 is a full-featured media file and bitstream analyzer, designed by and for MPEG-4 technical professionals. In addition to MP4 system file and MPEG-4 video bitstream browsing capabilities (“What’s in this file?”), the 4500 provides syntactic and semantic tests for conformance, buffer occupancy analysis, and in-depth hand-controlled analysis at the macroblock level. The lower priced Analyzer 4000 offers the same functionality and operational characteristics as the 4500, but does not provide macroblock level examination capabilities.

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