The LynxOS® RTOS is the hard real-time operating system (RTOS) for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs).

16 years of RTOS experience goes into LynxOS 4.0. Broad conformance to open and de facto standards like Linux®, POSIX and UNIX® means that you can confidently build products to meet the most stringent requirements for real-time mission-critical applications. Enjoy the time-to-market and investment-protection advantages of open standards-based development.

LynxOS® real-time operating system is the superior foundation for sophisticated real-time systems that must:

Every RTOS component within LynxOS 4.0 is designed for absolute determinism (i.e.: hard real-time performance). This means that it absolutely must respond within a known period of time. This predictable response is ensured even in the presence of heavy I/O due to the kernel's unique threading model, enabling interrupt routines to be extremely short and fast.

The LynxOS RTOS also exhibits true linear scalability, so that it stays unwaveringly deterministic even as the tasks it performs increase massively. And this determinism extends to networking applications, which can stay responsive even in the face of the most complex demands.

Kernel features:

Networking Support:

Linux application support:

File system support:

IO device support:

Libraries and utilities:

Development environment:

Custom Board Support:

Miscellaneous Features:

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