Lantronix RTEL

Break free from the limitations of LPR printing in Linux and other Unix environments with Lantronix's RTEL software. This free utility solves major network printing problems in Linux and other Unix systems by allowing you to easily route, print and properly format graphics, multiple copy jobs and more over the network, with full support for input/output filters and banners.

Lantronix's RTEL works by creating a virtual device in the device directory, which allows Linux and other Unix servers to believe they are printing to a local printer. RTEL transparently passes print jobs over the network to any printer connected by a Lantronix Print Server, with all banner information, graphics filters and multiple copy job information intact.

In addition to network printing in pure Linux environments, Lantronix RTEL can be combined with Samba to allow Linux servers to seamlessly spool and manage print jobs from Microsoft® Windows® clients. Network-attached printers can be advertised and shared in Windows environments and print jobs can be routed, formatted and printed as if they were connected via a Windows server.

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