Kozio kDiagnostics Eval Kit

The Kozio kDiagnostics evaluation kit provides a free platform for evaluating a complete diagnostics solution available for custom boards using popular embedded processor architectures. Kozio created this evaluation kit so that you can have a positive and productive experience evaluation our solutions before making a decision to purchase.

The evaluation kit provides a complete package allowing you to download a binary diagnostics application to your processor reference platform using the pre-installed boot loader. Each kit comes with an board-specific image and documentation allowing you to quickly evaluate our software and explore all hardware aspects of your reference platform.

During the ordering process you will be asked to select a kit from the list of supported processor reference platforms listed below. If you don't see your platform listed, please email us.

This hands-on evaluation provides a firsthand look at the extensive capabilities of this powerful software diagnostics suite through a menu-driven interface. The evaluation kit contents provide everything you need to try out our software. Free support is provided during the 30-day evaluation period by contacting Technical Support via email or telephone.

Kit Contents:
Welcome Guide, kDiagnostics application image , kDiagnostics Quick Start Guide, kDiagnostics Tutorial, kDiagnostics Command Reference, Kozio kScript Reference

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