ITTIA DB is a next-generation transactional engine for development of dedicated embedded systems and mobile handheld devices. ITTIA DB brings robust data management facilities to bear on the tough data management problems now faced by embedded developers, in a package that is lightweight, cross-platform, fast, and easy to use. With ITTIA DB, intelligent devices and embedded systems have access to full data management capabilities even when disconnected.

High performance, zero DBA, and elegant C, C++, and SQL APIs make ITTIA DB technology an economical and affordable framework for building a truly competitive product.

ITTIA DB-Standard
Ideal for platforms with strict footprint limitations, ITTIA DB is available as a stand-alone library optimized for minimum impact and embedded directly into an application. Index search and transaction recovery keep data safe and accessible. Shared database access offers applications using ITTIA DB an edge, featuring multithreading and client/server access with high-performance row-level locking.

With a lightweight SQL engine, ITTIA DB-SQL provides a complete RDBMS environment for deployment on embedded systems and devices. ITTIA DB-SQL is cross-platform, available on Windows, Linux, VxWorks, QNX, and others, and supports ANSI SQL-89 and much of SQL 99 and SQL 2003. With ITTIA DB-SQL, developers can use a stand-alone embedded library, or a client/server shared access model. Dynamic schema alteration, isolation levels, group commit, row-level locking, and more give developers full control of the database. ITTIA DB-SQL uses the same platform-independent file format and API as ITTIA DB-Standard, making it easy to upgrade or support a family of products with the same code base.

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