Kennedy Carter's iUML Product Suite provides a complete range of components to support the Executable UML process from textual requirements management through modelling to 100% target code generation.

iUML is a multi-user application development environment that delivers sophisticated support for Executable UML modelling, simulation and code generation.

Tailored to the needs of real projects, it provides support for the xUML formalism including a fully featured Action Language as well as support for model execution, test and debug. Full lifecycle support is provided through use case and textual requirements management and target code generation. In addition, there is built-in configuration management and open interfaces to support integration with third party products.

Using the optional iUML-DOORS interface, users can also synchronise requirements held in Telelogic's DOORS requirements management product with textual requirements and traceability information held in iUML.

iUML bundles two components:

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