HACKER-Datentechnik FreeVIEW-Sound

Nearly every today's PC and notebook is equipped with an additional or on-board sound card. Now it can be turned into a 2 channel audio measurement system because the driver and the analyzing software is included.

The 32 bit sound card driver and the accompanying FreeVIEW plus application software turns a PC or notebook into a long-time data logger, a chart recorder, a storage oscilloscope, spectrum analyser and much more.

The driver supports popular programming languages and applications.

HACKER-Datentechnik offers this software package free of charge.

Basic features
The free of charge version of the sound card driver called "FreeVIEW sound" works with Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/ME and can be used for recording with sample rates up to 48kHz per channel. One or both input channels of the sound card can be used.

The full version called "FreeVIEW sound pro" has A/D and D/A capability (recording and playing), also simultaneously. In addition the operating systems Microsoft® Windows NT® and Windows® 2000 are supported. The sample rate is unlimited. For example sound cards with 96kHz sample rate per channel can be used.

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