HACKER-Datentechnik FreeVIEW

FreeVIEW is a free of charge Scope recorder / Chart recorder / Data logger / Sampler application with additional analyzing capabilities that can be used with

FreeVIEW is intended for people who don't want or need to program their own applications and just want to capture and analyze captured data now or later. It is also a great tool for verifying analog input data in comparison to self-written programs.

With its multi-channel display, dependencies and relationships of channels to each other become clear. Screen hardcopy is implemented too. This works fine even with monochrome printers, because identification signs, color and linetype for each graph can be set.

It works perfectly with HACKER-Datentechnik data acquisition PC-Cards and PCI cards and all sound cards that have 16 bit resolution. FreeVIEW supports - as the whole data acquisition card series - the operating systems Microsoft Windows® 95/98, Windows NT® and Windows® 2000.

By using this free software, a PC-Card and the unique SRA-1 strain-relief assembly kit, a reliable portable data acquisition system can be assembled using a standard notebook. A ruggedised notebook with ISA bay is not required.

Using the sound card driver a "no costs" solution exists - not only including data capture - but also providing waveform analysis. Nothing else is needed for a portable data acquisition system for long time or high speed recording applications.

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