FirstSQL/J is an extreamely fast 100% Java Object-relational database. FirstSQL/J supports the SQL92 Standard at the Intermediate Level with full Java object capabilities in the database using Java Classes. This is a world class database product that confirms the value Java database developers place on using both SQL and Java Objects for developing Java applications - but without the need for special treatment of Java classes and O/R Mapping tools. A full version, along with documentation, is available with excellent technical support for free development during a 120 day evaluation period.

FirstSQL/J surpasses both leading Java and C-based databases in both speed, SQL, and Object-oriented sophistication. Java application developers needing anything from a simple file to complex object-relational designs are taking advantage of FirstSQL/J on platfroms ranging from 64-bit and multi-CPU servers to handheld devices to real-time fault tolerant embedded systems. FirstSQL/J databases can be run using traditional disk-based or true In-Memory operation.

FirstSQL/J provides a J2EE class client/server version and an Embedded Mobile version that are 100% compatible at the database level, regardless of OS or HW platform. FirstSQL/J Profesional is a basic, standalone, single user version designed for general desktop Java applications.

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