Fiorano Tifosi 2002 Enterprise Integrator

Fiorano's Tifosi 2002 Enterprise Integrator is a comprehensive, full featured Enterprise Integration Broker Suite that simplifies the composition, deployment, modification and debugging of business processes. The Tifosi platform can be used in EAI, BPM and Distributed Workflow solutions. Tifosi works in conjunction with existing J2EE, .NET, UNIX and Legacy infrastructure, while supporting industry standards including SOAP, Web Services, JMS and XML. Fiorano's complete integration infrastructure stack allows organizations to implement their Integration project in phases.

Today's enterprises incorporate a myriad of software platforms including J2EE, .NET, WebServices, UNIX and Legacy Systems, with multiple languages. Deploying flexible business processes in this environment is a complex, time-consuming and error-prone task, making it difficult to adapt to changing business requirements.

Tifosi solves this problem by providing a component-abstraction layer above existing enterprise infrastructure - allowing users to compose flexible business systems in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional development. Tifosi applications are composed with multi-langauge (Java, C, C++, C#, COM), multi-platform, interoperable components, promoting reuse of existing software assets while significantly reducing development costs.

Tifosi supports standards including SOAP, WebServices and XML, and facilitates business process computing by removing the distinction between the model of an enterprise business process and its underlying system implementation. Distributed deployment allows implementations to stay in tune with changes to business processes, while monitoring, debugging and management tools help reduce costs of application production.

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