EUROScope is a source-level debugger for embedded systems. Apart from the "usual" features like memory view, register view, assembler view, source view, local/global variable view, breakpoints and call-stack, EUROScope offers an integrated terminal window as well as support for programming Flash chips within the target system. EUROScope offers syntax highlighting for C/C++ source code, and additional keywords can be added by the user.

Optimized target connections
The connection to the target system strongly influences turnaround times. EUROScope and its communication partner EUROSmon use intelligent algorithms, e.g. to optimize software downloads to the target system: even with slow serial target links data is often transferred faster than with comparable products. EUROScope supports serial interfaces, TCP/IP sockets and CAN (IXXAT VCI). BDM or JTAG are supported by add-on DLLs.

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