EasyMotion Studio

With EasyMotion Studio you can fully benefit from a key advantage of Technosoft drives/motors – their capability to execute complex motion without requiring an external motion controller, thanks to their built-in motion controller. EasyMotion Studio includes EasySetUp for the drive/motor setup, and a Motion Wizard for the motion programming. The Motion Wizard provides a simple, graphical way of creating motion programs written in Technosoft Motion Language (TML). It automatically generates all the TML instructions, hence you don’t need to learn or write any TML code. EasyMotion Studio is the recommended tool for motion programming using TML. With TML, you can really simplify complex applications, by distributing the intelligence between the master and the drives/motors. Thus, instead of trying to command each step of an axis movement from the master, you can program the drives/motors using TML to execute complex tasks, and inform the master when these tasks have been completed.

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