Empress RDBMS

Empress' sophisticated design has made it the DBMS of choice for embedded real-time applications. Empress offers: power, ease-of-use and maintenance, integrity and portability. Empress is ideal for embedded applications that require a fast, reliable database management system with small footprint. EMPRESS is unsurpassed in features, performance and power.

Empress offers a wide variety of data types. These include such specialized types as date, time and currency, as well as variable length text and bulk data types. This flexibility enables developers to design complex applications capable of manipulating (for example) image, sound, satellite transmission, video and meteorological data. The manipulation of these data types within Empress can be simplified considerably since users can create customized data handling functions which can be integrated into the DBMS engine itself. Also, Empress variable-length text and bulk attributes allow for storage of essentially an unlimited amount of data.

Empress allows data to be fully distributed across the network. Users can perform join and update operations from any machine in the same way; the location of the data is transparent to the users. Furthermore, such operations are independent of the hardware being used, since Empress supports heterogeneous distributions amongst databases. Because of this, Empress has been used in many installations requiring full workstation to supercomputer distributed functionality.

Because Empress fully conforms to the operating system, it can take advantage of any special features which the operating system might offer. For example, Empress can operate transparently and with no modifications on operating systems which support memory mapped files, juke boxes, hierarchical migratable filesystems or RAID filesystems.

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