Digi CM

Digi CM is a best-of- breed console server which provides secure, intelligent and easy access to any network equipment with a serial console port. The Digi CM provides in-band or out-of-band console management of critical IT equipment. Remote out-of-band management is made easy for administrators, who can securely monitor and control servers, routers, switches, PBXs, firewalls and other network devices from anywhere on the corporate TCP/IP network, over the Internet, or through dial-up modem connections using Digi's best-in-class web user interface built right into the unit.

Digi CM is the first console server to provide a secure Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy out-of-band management of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 systems. Its virtual KVM feature enables fast, low-bandwidth remote desktop access to perform application level tasks via RDP and VNC. By combining the ability to perform operating level tasks through the serial console and SAC with the ability to concurrently perform application level tasks through Virtual KVM on multiple machines, Digi CM offers users a single IT management interface without the cost, network overhead and synchronization penalties associated with matrixed KVM over IP solutions.

Digi's Automatic Device Recognition feature is a first-of-its-kind, intelligent technology that automatically detects equipment attached to the Digi CM. This makes the setup, configuration and management of console servers easier by automatically displaying the name of connected devices and by providing alerts when a device goes away for any reason, a valuable feature for remote server management.

The Digi CM is a secure console management device, employing SSH v2 encryption to keep server access passwords safe from hackers and supporting all popular SSH clients, as well as secure access from any Java-enabled browser.

Digi CM connects to serial console ports using standard CAT5 cables, eliminating the hassles of custom cabling. In addition, the Digi CM offers a PCMCIA card slot for adding dial-up modems for remote access. Flash memory cards can be used to save port logs and backup configuration files.

Digi CM is available in eight-, 16-, 32- and 48-port models, in a 1U rack-mount form factor. DC powered versions with dual inputs are available in 16-, 32- and 48- port models. A dual AC powered version is available in a 48-port model.

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