DAPview for Windows

DAPview for Windows, running on a PC under Windows, provides a standard way to implement a data acquisition application on a Data Acquisition Processor without doing any Windows programming.

By clicking on icons, you can open windows that allow you to edit the command list, interact with the DAP, and log data to disk. The full functionality of DAPview is provided, with point-and-click convenience.

DAPview for Windows Help includes the complete DAPL Manual for on-line reference. This and other DAP-specific features make DAPview for Windows an excellent prototyping and development tool for data acquisition and control applications implemented on a DAP.

Tested applications can be completed for distribution as turnkey systems under the DAPview for Windows runtime package with no additional Windows programming required.

Tested applications also can be rounded out with a GUI written in Visual Basic, for example, by using the Microstar Laboratories DAPtools OCX.

The DAPview for Windows demonstration is essentially the same as the release version, and allows you to try out actual applications to get an idea of how DAPview for Windows really works. If you don't have a Data Acquisition Processor, the demo contains sample files you can run.

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