DSCview, a complete Windows application, allows immediate and easy access to the iDSC 1816. DSCview requires no programming, and provides a graphical interface to:

Microstar Laboratories includes appropriate software from DSCview in its support for other interfaces that, like DSCview, require no programming -- DASYLab, Agilent/HP VEE, and LabVIEW -- as well as for LabWindows/CVI and MATLAB. We also include the same user functionality for Visual Basic, Visual C++, and other Windows (2003/XP/2000/NT, ME/98/95) programming environments through the DSCIO.DLL. The DSCIO.DLL provides a link between these programming environments and the iDSC board. It lets users easily program custom interfaces in any environment they choose. If you prefer, use the Delphi and C++Builder development environments through a native DSC Component, and program your own user interfaces. All user interfaces share a common look and feel to designing and configuring filters.

The DSCview Demo provides a demonstration version of the filter design software included with every iDSC 1816 board. The demonstration version allows experimentation with the filter design capabilities and shows the three display options. The DSCview Demo is designed for 32-bit Windows systems only, but DSCview for Linux can be requested on our free CD that includes all user manuals.

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