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Databahn memory controller cores are the leading Semiconductor IP(SIP) solution for high-performance memory interface design. The Databahn solution enables you to quickly generate a memory controller to match your application. More than just IP, Databahn is supported by a complete infrastructure to ensure high quality and low risk throughout the process - from performance validation to successful silicon.

A Comprehensive Approach to Memory System Design
Memory systems are now the primary bottleneck to the flow of data in system-on-chip designs. Increasing clock speeds, new memory architectures, vendor-specific memory features and timing, and high-speed I/O effects are just some of the critical issues that must be addressed when desiging a memory system.

Databahn is a comprehensive solution that provides a safe and efficient way to configure the optimal memory controller core for your design, validate the performance within the context of your system, and implement the solution in Silicon. The entire process is managed by our online application infrastructure, and our browser-based interface gives you complete visibility and control over each step of the process:

Silicon-proven Quality and Performance
In addition to configuring your Databahn controller online, you can instantly initiate a simulation of the actual configured RTL using generic stimulus, or you may upload the memory access profile for your specific application. The simulation results are automatically analyzed and formatted into a comprehensive online performance analysis report along with the associated VCD waveform files. If the configuration meets your requirements, the synthesizable RTL can be made available for download along with sample testbenches, register settings, synthesis scripts, and layout guidelines. Quality is assured through a robust verification suite and the rules-based configuration manager.

Whether you choose DDR-SDRAM, RLDRAM, FCRAM, or SDRAM, Databahn's direct integration with over 4000 memory components on ensures that your memory system is compatible with the latest vendor-specific devices.

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