Clarinox SoftFrame

Clarinox Technologies SoftFrame provides an infrastructure that reduces the cost and improves the efficiency of embedded systems application development across many platforms. SoftFrame provides the tools and the environment to get embedded systems applications design and development under control. There are no detailed formal methodologies to master; and most designers are up and running within hours.

The product provides the entire necessary infrastructure for the embedded software engineer to develop without the need to know the real-time operating system (using Microsoft Visual Studio C++, embedded Visual C++ or GNU tools as appropriate). Prototyping and simulations can be done, without the need for hardware, on a PC.

Clarinox SoftFrame is an extension to the debugging tools and Board Support Package or Hardware Adaptation Layer provided by RTOS manufactures. Clarinox SoftFrame presents debugging tools that can handle complex multi threaded applications that are not specific to only one environment.

The Clarinox Technologies embedded software development framework enables the development of standardised applications with reduced errors, reduced development time and reduced complexity. So whether you wish to use embedded XP or Windows CE or an RTOS such as eCos; you can develop one application on Windows and then run on either or both of these platforms without a lengthy porting process and with better debugging tools.

The SoftFrame does not claim to solve all the issues involved in the design of embedded systems but it does claim to simplify the process, especially if there is a current need, or chance of a future need, to run the application across multiple platforms. It is a product that is extremely complementary to makers of embedded development boards or embedded products. Clarinox SoftFrame speeds up development and eliminates the need for porting the application from platform to platform by encapsulating the major functions of an operation within a standardized API call system. It offers an ever increasing number of platforms that the developer can change between combined with a fast and easy application development infrastructure.

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