Cell Broadband Engine Processor Demo Video

Mercury and IBM are collaborating to develop solutions with dramatically improved performance for graphic-intensive workloads and computationally intensive applications. Mercury is partnering with IBM Engineering & Technology Services to develop Cell-based products targeted at these applications. Mercury will leverage its MutlicorePlusTM Advantage to optimize and deploy these products for current and new applications in medical imaging, industrial inspection, aerospace and defense, seismic processing, and telecommunications.

Mercury's first Cell BE processor-based product is available for industrial, medical, and military markets. The Dual Cell-Based Blade offers outstanding performance for high-performance computing (HPC) applications. Performance scales dramatically when the application is distributed across multiple Dual Cell-Based Blades in IBM's industry-leading BladeCenter® platform or across the network.

The Cell BE processor is a heterogeneous multiprocessor consisting of a 64-bit Power® core, augmented with eight specialized co-processors called SPUs (synergistic processor units), based on a novel single-instruction multiple-data (SIMD) architecture for data-intensive processing as found in cryptography, media, and scientific applications. The system is integrated by a coherent on-chip bus.

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