Centercode Connect 2.0 Online Beta Test Management System

Connect is a unique web-based collaboration tool created specifically for managing professional beta tests. Connect has been designed by Centercode to be the world's most flexible, powerful, and effective beta test management solution.

Connect includes everything you'll need to:

1) Select beta testers who match your target market.
2) Design a beta project that achieves your unique goals.
3) Quickly distribute software-based beta products online.
4) Provide testers with essential test information and tools.
5) Accurately collect and distribute tester feedback.
6) Easily monitor and manage tester participation.
7) Conduct online surveys with immediate results.
8) Build an active community amongst your testers.
9) Report on and monitor the state of all tester feedback.
10) Easily search all feedback, survey results, and user forums.

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