Cybernetic Micro Systems CyberCom

CyberCom is a Win98/NT-based software Provides Com Port Communication for Cybernetic Micro Systems' Controller Chips and Prototyping Boards. The program allows keyboard entry to one of Com 1, 2, 3, or 4. The user has control over many of the Com port settings, including Baud, data-length, parity, stopbits, and CTS/RTS. Typing is buffered at the keyboard until the Enter key sends the entire string to the serial port. A Carriage return terminator is optional.

This utility directly supports all of the Cybernetic prototyping boards that have RS232 connectors. Default settings are provided for each board, and all the boards are pictorially depicted with proper jumper and switch settings and startup tips. The program is available on three diskettes: the program, the PDF manual, and the support DLLs.

The DLL zip file contains MsVbVm60.dll and two OCX support files, MsComm32.ocx and ComDlg32.ocx. These should be placed in Windows\System if they do not already exist there.

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