Condor Engineering CEI-DL

The streamlined, single-session interface of the CEI-DL data loader software from Condor Engineering provides intuitive Windows-based ARINC 615-3/603 data loading across a variety of Condor ARINC 429 devices. The single-session software loads one ARINC 615-3/603 compatible LRU at a time, allowing for seamless integration into most traditional aircraft maintenance applications. Since data sets can be retrieved from any location accessible by the host machine (including local and network drives), the Condor data loader eliminates the need for disk-swapping while providing improved configuration management.

When combined with Condorís CEI-715 PCMCIA ARINC 429 interface hardware, the easy-to-use single-session CEI-DL software delivers a powerful portable solution potentially capable of streaming upload data via a wireless LAN connection (user-specific). Designed specifically for aircraft maintenance applications, this software presents a simple, intuitive interface that guides the user through data set selection and the load process. Most of the single-session software features are customizable via an administrator-controlled configuration file, enabling the software functionality to be easily tailored to specific customer applications.

Multi-Session Interface
The multi-session interface of the CEI-DL software from Condor Engineering is integrated with multiple hardware platforms to provide Windows-based ARINC 615-3/603 data loading of operational programs and database software. Supported on PCI, CompactPCI, PC/104, PC/AT and PCMCIA platforms, this flexible application software provides both an easy-to-use portable solution and a robust, multiple-unit, factory or lab station. Condorís CEI-DL data loader solution can be used for development, test, flightline, and maintenance applications.

From a straight-forward GUI interface, our multi-session integrated hardware/software solution supports up to 16 simultaneous upload or download sessions with ARINC 615/603 compatible LRUs. The CEI-DL software also provides useful data loading features including: simplified device selection; saving and restoring session configuration information; traffic and protocol logging; session-specific progress and status indicators.

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