Compuware DriverStudio

With the introduction of DriverStudio, Compuware is building on a long history of award-winning tools for device driver and application development. This innovative suite includes the time-tested SoftICE, DriverWorks, and VtoolsD tools, as well as the DriverNetworks frameworks package. In addition, we've included device driver tools based on the application-level technologies developed for BoundsChecker, TrueTime and TrueCoverage.

The result is a suite of tools that accelerates the development, debugging, testing, tuning and deployment of device drivers. DriverStudio brings high quality tools and modern software engineering practices to the once-neglected area of device driver programming. DriverStudio offers tools that accelerate development and improve testing and reliability of Windows device drivers. DriverStudio helps you quickly develop more reliable device drivers with tools that accelerate key phases of device driver development. Regardless of your level of expertise, phase of development or existing tool preferences, DriverStudio will make your device driver development easier.

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