Compuware DevPartnerDB

Today's developer must develop applications that perform flawlessly in distributed environments, given the limitless variables they encounter on the Internet.

Over 90 percent of Internet-based applications require access to a database, exactly the place in a distributed application where inadequate performance is most likely to occur. Traditional development and debugging tools fall short in distributed environments, and not knowing what's happening inside a database can bring your debugging efforts to a screeching halt.

Application and stored procedure developers require quick and easy observation of SQL statement execution within the context of the application. This includes those statements executed automatically by the database and beyond the control of the application. Developers also need tools that enable them to pinpoint and correct problems quickly.

Depending on the technology you are using, you can choose from several tools designed to end the hassles associated with database debugging and tuning.

DevPartnerDB simplifies rapid, high-quality application development by helping developers debug stored procedures and tune SQL statements. DevPartnerDB has support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase, and also supports the development of applications in Visual Studio .NET.

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