Comet Way Agent Kernel

Comet Way Agent Kernel is a set of software components and deployment tools for quickly building lightweight software agents. The Agent Kernel lets developers assemble complete Agent Applications using interchangeable and extendable agent-based components.

The Comet Way Agent Kernel implements a simple kernel-based agent programming model proven through years of research and development of Java agent applications by Comet Way engineers.

Using the Agent Kernel, engineers develop agent-based components that are modular, reusable, extendable, reliable, and intuitive. The Agent Kernel provides an agent-application model which makes it easy to combine components in various configurations for extreme flexibility in function and compatibility, without making significant demands on platform-specific features or limiting compatibility with existing Java platforms and APIs.

Comet Way strongly believes that agent-based application design is a very effective approach for the creation of any kind of software. While this includes autonomous server applications, the model also works very well for web-based applications, embedded software, and highly interactive GUIs.

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