Birdstep RDM Mobile

A robust, reliable database specifically designed for wireless applications requiring ultra small footprint, minimum runtime memory usage, and high performance. RDM Mobile is ideally suited for portable devices such as Smart Phones, PDAs, and Electronic Notebooks and has been optimized.

Handheld devices are supplementing and replacing PCs as the preferred terminal for mobile users. The device can contain personal information, such as your contacts, your calendar and other key information to administer your everyday life. The database can also contain volatile information, such as fragments of maps, lists of restaurants, train schedules, etc. for the traveling user. Or it may contain extracts of a corporate database, for example customer information or product information for the sales rep in the field.

Expensive, unreliable and slow wireless communication makes it necessary to store information locally in the device, rather than relying on a wireless connection every time information is required. The Birdstep RDM Mobile offers all features required to store data locally in the device.

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