Birdstep RDM Server

Birdstep RDM Server is an embeddable database management system employing a client/server architecture that is used when business critical information must be available immediately and reliably such as in the financial services industry, telecommunications industry, and e-Business applications.

Like all Birdstep RDM Databases, RDM Server is deployed with the developer's application, thus giving you control and predictability over your applications data management. The result of this is that our databases are completely transparent to the end user, thus freeing you from needing additional third party software like SQL Server, Access or Oracle. And since our database management tools are embedded within your application, a database administrator is not needed.

RDM Server provides you with maximum flexibility in deployment - whether you want to use industry standard interfaces or low level interfaces, Birdstep's RDM Server puts you in control. Using Birdstep RDM Server 4.0, businesses can be sure that your database applications will handle heavy peak user loads and transaction rates; and with Birdstep RDM Server's automatic recovery system, data integrity is impeccable.

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