BusProbes SCSI

The SCSI Analyzer is typically used for monitoring, recording, and playing back the activity occuring on a SCSI Bus. It auto-configures for Single-Ended or LVD modes, and supports transfers from Asynchronous through 320/m on the SCS-320, and through 160/m on the SCS-160. The SCSI Bus is used for a wide range of storage devices, such as Hard Drives, Tape Drives, RAID Systems, Optical Devices, CD-ROM's, and Storage Juke Boxes. It is also used for Printers and Scanners. The SCSI Analyzer supports all of the various commands used on these devices, while being easy-to-use, powerful, portable, versatile, and cost-effective. It is a true stand alone instrument overcoming the configuration drawbacks of PC-based analyzers, yet it is PC connect-able.

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