GDSII, the de-facto standard format for layout design data, has been losing steam to serve the requirements of modern real-life designs, especially due to its inadequacy to handle explosion in data volume because of higher levels of integration and the RET requirements at finer geometries. Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)'s Open Artwork System Interchange Standard (OASIS) format is designed to make it possible to represent the hierarchical layout data with >10x size reduction in data size compared to GDSII. Rapid adoption of OASIS is also expected to allow efficient processing of layout data as new tools could employ better algorithms to process the flat and hierarchical data.

The huge investment in existing EDA tools that work around GDSII stands in the way of adoption of the OASIS format. Especially since the layout data is the handoff point from design to manufacturing, the validation of new tools based on OASIS and the confidence in their absolute correctness is critical for adoption. Also, there is the legacy of several tens of thousands of existing layout design data that are already available in GDSII format. Any solution that enables OASIS adoption must provide a graceful migration path from GDSII to OASIS.

SoftJin is a significant player in providing customized EDA solutions in the domain of Physical Design Automation and has developed several GDSII based tools for its customers. Based on its expertise in GDSII and OASIS data handling, SoftJin strongly believes that OASIS will enable the development of next generation tools in the post-layout domain. SoftJin aims to be the leading player in development of customized tools based on OASIS. SoftJin is also ideally placed to provide solutions that enable smooth transition from GDSII based layouts to OASIS based layouts.

For developing OASIS based tools, various modules such as readers, writers, viewers, benchmark layout data etc are required. For speedy adoption of OASIS, tool developers should be able to focus on higher value add engines such as DRC, fracturing, circuit extraction, DFM/DFY tools etc., rather than spending time on readers, writers, translators or viewers of GDSII and OASIS.

In order to encourage the various stake-holders of the EDA industry to contribute towards OASIS adoption, SoftJin is releasing Anuvad - a free suite of source code of GDSII and OASIS data exchange libraries and tools. This first free source code release of GDSII and OASIS reader, writer libraries and translation utilities allows all tool developers to develop higher value adding OASIS based tools for experimental as well as commercial purpose.

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