Altera Stand-Alone Programmer 10.21

The Altera® Stand-Alone Programmer (ASAP2) software is a stand-alone version of the MAX+PLUS® II Programmer. A designer without the full version of the MAX+PLUS II software can use ASAP2 to program, verify, examine, and test Altera devices. The Quartus® II software also supports all of Altera's current programming hardware. The ASAP2 software, which requires Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0, supports device configuration for APEXTM 20K, APEX 20KE, FLEX 10K®, FLEX® 8000, and FLEX 6000 devices, and device programming for MAX® 9000, MAX 7000, MAX 3000A, ClassicTM, and configuration devices. ASAP2 and the Quartus II software include software interfaces for the Altera Programming Unit (APU). The APU provides the hardware and software needed for programming all Altera devices, when used with the appropriate programming adapters. The APU can also connect to the universal serial bus (USB) port of Windows-based PC and compatible computers running Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows 98 operating systems. ASAP2 and Quartus II software can also be used with Altera's download cables -- the ByteBlasterMV™ and MasterBlasterTM cables.

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