Altera Quartus II Web Edition Software

The Quartus II Web Edition software is an entry-level version of the Quartus II design software supporting selected CycloneTM, StratixTM, APEXTM II, APEX 20KE, APEX 20KC, ExcaliburTM, MAX® 3000A, MAX 7000B, MAX 7000AE, FLEX 10KE, ACEX 1K, and FLEX 6000 devices. With PowerFitTM place-and-route technology, the Quartus II Web Edition software lets you experience the performance and compile time benefits of the Quartus II software now. Quartus II Web Edition version 2.2 and later feature a new graphical user interface that make designing for Altera® FPGA & CPLD devices even easier. Version 2.2 of the Quartus II Web Edition software also delivers superior push-button performance for supported MAX device families over MAX+PLUS II software. The Quartus II Web Edition software includes a complete environment for programmable logic device (PLD) design including schematic- and text-based design entry, HDL synthesis, place-and-route, verification, and programming. Quartus II Web Edition software removes all barriers for designing for Altera device architectures for high-performance applications.

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