Summit Debuts Panorama Hardware-Software Co-Design, Simulation Solution

3/27/2006 - Summit Design, Inc., a leading provider of electronic system-level (ESL) and hardware description language (HDL) design solutions, today unveiled PanoramaTM, a complete hardware/software co-design and simulation solution that enables true architectural exploration and performance analysis.

Panorama provides users with a rapid and efficient way to evaluate system-level architectural implementation options. It enables concurrent development of the hardware and software portions of embedded System on Chips (SoCs), and it delivers the flexibility and accuracy needed to optimize architectural implementations early in the design effort.

The architectural decisions made for todayís multi-million gate embedded SoCs typically impact performance, cost, and power more than the implementation details, such as software compilation, logic synthesis, and place and route," said Emil Girczyc, President and CEO of Summit Design, Inc. "Panorama delivers the ability to fully evaluate and optimize the system-level architecture in the beginning of the design process, reducing the risk of an expensive over-designed or under-designed system."

Panorama enables real-time application emulation of both the hardware and software portions of an embedded SoC - a truly critical capability in the design process that can help to reduce overdesign and its associated costs.

Panorama allows system architects, software developers, and hardware designers to quickly and efficiently converge on the optimal architecture for their project needs. The diverse users are able to compare various options before committing to a specific implementation.

Panorama is ideal for evaluating architectural implementation choices, such as single-versus multi-core software partitioning (as well as type of cores), third-party IP selection, real-time operating system (RTOS) selection, algorithm development, bus and memory selection, and the effect of hardware implementation on the application performance.

With Panorama, software developers can design, prioritize and partition the full embedded application software of the system onto a multi-core architecture without the need for integration with an instruction set simulator (ISS).

"Understanding the effects on resources, such as operating system queues, buffers and system cache, makes software performance and partitioning a key element in embedded SoC design," said Hagay Zamir, Director of System Architecture Products for Summit Design. "With its unique ability to provide generic operating system calls, Panorama allows designers to replace the operating system at any stage of the design, and test the impact on performance. Once the optimum solution is determined in Panorama, the developers can generate the code needed for the target platform. It is these capabilities that also allow design teams to test various processor cores, or multiples of the core, and the resulting impact on system-level performance."

Panorama is available in three configurations:

Demonstrations of Panorama will be provided April 4th-6th, 2006, in Summit Designís booth, #3329, at the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley.

Pricing and Availability
Panorama is available today. The list price for Panorama SPD is US$35,000. Panorama HPD is listed at US$55,000. Panorama VPD is list priced at US$75,000.

About Summit Design
Summit Design's industry-leading ESL and HDL solutions enable SOC companies to deliver products that meet system-level performance and power targets with dramatically reduced schedule risk. Summit's products address engineering challenges met during the specification and implementation design phases of complex hardware/software systems.

PanoramaTM allows designers to perform real-time application emulation of both the hardware and software portions of an embedded SoC, before core and IP selections are finalized. System ArchitectTM enables massive increases in design complexity and performance by analyzing architectural tradeoffs to arrive at optimized system specifications. VistaTM and Visual EliteTM ensure swift, successful design modeling and implementation in SystemC, Verilog, and VHDL.

Top electronics companies worldwide, including leaders in the wireless, automotive, and consumer electronics space, have achieved dramatic reductions in design cycle time through their use of Summit's products. Summit Design is headquartered in Los Altos, California, with offices throughout the US, Europe, Japan, Israel, and ROA.

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