UIQ Technology Supports Accredited Symbian Developer Scheme

3/24/2006 - UIQ Technology, the supplier of the UIQ 3 software platform for mobile phones, and Majinate, the operator of the Accredited Symbian Developer (ASD) program, have today announced their collaboration to make ASD exams available to members of the UIQ Developer Program through the developer portal for UIQ developers. On top of this, UIQ Technology also announced an exam that specifically tests UIQ competence and knowledge - to be released later this year as part of an ASD Pro scheme. UIQ Technology will be a launch partner of ASD Pro and the UIQ exam will contribute towards Professional level Symbian accreditation.

The main benefits of the ASD scheme are that developers can receive an industry recognition of their knowledge and skills, which is important proof of their competence to employers, recruiters, peers or themselves; and potential employers have the reassurance that they have a candidate with an independently verified standard of Symbian OS knowledge, qualification and experience. The scheme ensures a common framework for the assessment of Symbian OS skills, based on a central curriculum that is defined and maintained by Symbian and kept up to date with the latest releases of the operating system.

UIQ Technology today announced its endorsement of the Symbian Developer accreditation examinations that are run by Majinate Ltd. Majinate operates the Symbian accreditation scheme on a worldwide basis, and this agreement will help increase coverage and accessibility in key markets, highlighting its applicability to the successful UIQ platform, which is based upon Symbian OS.

"Our aim is to offer the ASD scheme worldwide to every segment of Symbian development, from academics to niche specialists, and to bring a recognized professional qualification into the ecosystem. We are delighted that UIQ Technology has elected to actively support this initiative," said Ian Weston, Founder, Majinate.

"UIQ Technology is pleased to support and take part in the ASD program" said Elisabet Melin, VP of Marketing for UIQ Technology. "By actively participating in the development of the Symbian accreditation program, we are able to rapidly bring together key UIQ and Symbian OS knowledge, services and tools to benefit developers. The ASD exam now enables an independent verification of developer skills to be demonstrated to potential employers and colleagues."

As a further demonstration of the commitment to the ASD scheme, UIQ Technology will be selecting the most helpful developer posting on the UIQ developer portal forum on a regular basis with the reward being a sponsored accreditation exam.

UIQ Technology supports developers through the provision of advice, tools and technical and marketing support.

About Majinate
Founded in 2005, Majinate Limited is based in London, UK and operates the Accredited Symbian Developer scheme on behalf of Symbian Ltd.

About UIQ Technology
UIQ Technology develops and licenses an open software platform to the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers and supports licensees in the drive towards developing a mass market for open mobile phones. UIQ based phones are powerful and give access to enterprise applications, email, multimedia clips and web pages. UIQ is, for example, used in mobile phones from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, BenQ and Arima. UIQ Technology, established in 1999 in Sweden, is a fully owned subsidiary of Symbian Ltd.

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