Adeneo Rolls Out New Version of Bluetooth Manager for Windows CE

3/22/2006 - Adeneo announced today the release of a new version of their Bluetooth manager for Windows CE. This product is the best cost effective solution for OEM willing to implement Bluetooth support on their Windows CE devices. With this new version, the product brings key innovations such as favorite devices handling, new profiles like DUN and FTP server and enhanced error management. Furthermore, its migration to Visual Studio 2005 allows OEM willing to adapt its source code having a powerful and ergonomic development environment.

Yannick Chamming's, Adeneo's Windows Embedded team leader and first "Embedded MVP" in France commented: "For OEMs willing to implement Bluetooth feature in their device, a key point of concern is the high level application that will handle Bluetooth connections and profiles. This development requires a deep understanding of Windows CE Bluetooth stack and a real amount of work to implement a complete solution. With Adeneo's Bluetooth manager, OEM can now benefit of a robust standard implementation, which provides most of the features available in Windows CE Bluetooth stack."

Hereafter are some key features of Adeneo's Bluetooth Manager for Windows CE:

A free evaluation version can be obtained from Adeneo.

About Adeneo
Adeneo is a leading design centre in complete hardware and software custom design. Adeneo offers services in hardware and software engineering especially in industrial environments, with a strong emphasis on embedded and/or real-time developments With 7 years of experience in Windows CE, and thanks to its gold level partnerships with Microsoft and many Silicon Vendors, Adeneo is the key partner for complete hardware and software designs targeting rich-featured high end products.

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For dedicated information on Adeneo's Bluetooth manager, please go online and viist the products section.

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