inDART-One Offers Native Support for Freescale RS08 Microcontrollers

3/17/2006 - SofTec Microsystems announces native support for the newly released Freescale RS08 family of microcontrollers. inDART-One, the new universal tool for Freescale microcontrollers, now supports RS08 devices both in programming and debugging.

The RS08 family of devices features a stripped down S08 core and a reduced pin count and is tailored to cost-effective embedded application.

inDART-One's high-speed makes it ideal for production programming. inDART-One's robust structure, designed to be highly resistant to electrical shocks, makes it suitable for even the heaviest production environment.

In addition, inDART-One allows simultaneous multiple programming: up to 32 devices can be programmed with just one host PC through the USB 2.0 connection.

inDART-One comes bundled with two graphical user interfaces: DataBlaze, targeted at the full featured usage of the production/test engineer, and MultiBlaze, that allows the multiple programming option and more suited to the operator (special protected mode choice available).

Moreover, the IPL programming library provides low-level functions that enable the user to set up the instrument and perform most of the programming commands and functions of the DataBlaze and MultiBlaze user interfaces from within his or her own application, making easy integration in any automated test flow possible using a programming language that supports the DLL mechanism.

inDART-One, integrated tightly with Codewarrior Development Studio, is also a powerful debugging tool for all Freescale Semiconductor HC08, S08, RS08, S12 and S12X microcontrollers.

inDART-One is available for ordering at an end-user price of $399.

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