Catalyst's Openmake Combines Scriptless Builds with Lifecycle Automation

3/14/2006 - Today Catalyst Systems Corporation, the leading provider of Enterprise build management software, announced general availability of the latest version of Openmake, the advanced development tool for automated build management combined with Lifecycle Activities Management. Release 6.41 incorporates new features for centralizing control of lifecycle processes from scheduling SCM updates to executing test and deployment tools.

Openmake 6.41 allows development teams to meet two important IT governance goals. First, it supports the short-term goal of centralizing lifecycle processes. More importantly, however, Openmake 6.41 allows developers to meet the long-term goal of true build automation moving from an error-prone build process based on manual scripts to a highly efficient and repeatable "scriptless" build alternative.

According to Carey Schwaber of Forrester Research, "The process of turning source code files into executables is a scripting-intensive activity. More often than not, a few developers own the build process, creating and maintaining volumes of build scripts that are difficult to decipher and, as a result, nearly impossible to optimize. And when build scripting is entirely manual, it's easy for the build itself to become a source of software defects… Catalyst Systems eliminates the need for scripting. Catalyst is one of the most well-established vendors in this space; its Openmake product has been on the market for 10 years and is resold by leading software configuration management vendors." (Reining In Runaway Builds, Forrester Research, Inc., February 2006).

Openmake's leading scriptless build technology lowers development costs, improves the quality of builds and mitigates the risk associated with manually maintained make and Ant/XML build scripts.

Accelerated application lifecycle management (ALM) is also a new feature of Openmake 6.41. Using the lifecycle automation features, ALM processes can be chained and executed across distributed machines. Accelerated ALM uses advanced concurrent processing technology to determine the dependency and order of execution for lifecycle activities, providing the fastest execution speeds possible.

Whether helping a single developer or large integrated team, Openmake 6.41 organizes lifecycle activities and streamlines the automation of builds. Openmake is the only build management product that replaces difficult-to-manage make and Ant/XML scripts with generated build control files that follow comprehensive construction rules. This approach is particularly valuable as the number and complexity of build target objects grows. Openmake is designed to locally and remotely build components destined for a variety of deployment platforms including embedded devices, handhelds, workstations and servers.

Compatible with a variety of development language and tool environments including Eclipse-based solutions like IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software and Microsoft .Net. Openmake integrates fully with version-control systems from Rational, Serena, CA and more.

Pricing & Availability
Openmake 6.41 is available immediately, with prices starting at $50 USD for lifecycle automation seats to $350 USD for full build automation seats.

About Catalyst Systems
Catalyst Systems Corporation is the leading provider of Enterprise build management software and pioneer of the commercial build management software industry. Catalyst Systems has specialized in the design and implementation of reliable and repeatable application build processes for Global 2000 organizations since 1995. Openmake, Catalyst Systems' flagship product, enables development teams to get back to the task of writing code.

Openmake is a registered trademark of Catalyst Systems Corporation.

North American Sales Contact: Catalyst Systems Corporation, 81 David Love Place, #210 Santa Barbara, CA 93117, Tel: 805-696-6866, Toll Free 800-359-8049, Extension 117, Fax: 312-440-9543, Email:

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