Curtiss-Wright Creates Sabre Single-Slot Radar, Graphics Display Solution

3/14/2006 - Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has announced Sabre, the industry’s first single-slot high performance 6U VMEbus graphics and imaging platform to combine support for on-board radar scan conversion and video capture. It features dual graphics processors, dual-channel NTSC/PAL/RGB video capture, and dual-channel DVI or analog video output. Designed for defense and aerospace applications that require the display of intensive graphics and real-time video data, Sabre sets a new standard for highly integrated embedded COTS graphics and imaging platforms.

Powered by an IBM 750GX PowerPC processor, Sabre’s dual on-board 250 MHz ATI M9 high performance graphics processors independently support digital video (DVI) resolutions up to 1900 x 1280. The board supports its video processors with a total of 128 MB of integrated video memory (64 MB for each processor).

"Sabre combines Curtiss-Wright’s scan conversion and video display technology onto a single board solution to provide a complete radar and graphics display solution," said John Hunter, managing director of Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing’s Real-Time Video & Graphics Group, Cambridge, U.K. "Sabre saves valuable slots while raising the bar on open standards-based graphics, video capture and radar display performance."

Video capture capability on the board includes support for dual channels of TV and RGB at resolution up to 1600 x 1200. Sabre supports the simultaneous acquisition and display of two real-time NTSC/PAL, RGB or compressed network video sources. Each video source can be displayed in a window with optional graphics overlay or underlay. To optimize the board’s graphics performance, video scaling ­ including position, size and content of video windows ­ is handled independently of the graphics processors. Graphics and video data are also processed independently to ensure no degradation of graphics performance during video scaling operations.

Radar scan conversion is handled via an optional Eagle-S PMC mezzanine card-based radar scan converter. The Eagle-S processes radar video, accessed either via a network interface (such as Curtiss-Wright’s RVP) or through the addition of an optional Osprey radar acquisition PMC card. The radar video is scan-converted into one more display windows in PPI or B Scope formats. The use of Osprey requires an optional adapter board to provide a second PMC site, and also requires a second VME slot.

Data communications on Sabre includes dual 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet interfaces (one via the front panel; the other via VME P2). Additional I/O available from the front panel includes dual DVI-I video outputs and dual USB interfaces.


Because the Sabre’s X Server runs locally on the board, applications require no special-purpose graphics device driver. Software is available for receiving LAN-based radar, and allows a complete display control to be implemented on a single board.

Sabre complements Curtiss-Wright’s wide range of Single Board Computers, Digital Signal Processors, Graphics and Communications and I/O products.

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